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Consulting for insurance companies in the corporate customer sector

We understand the challenge of providing individual and flexible insurance for corporate customers and use innovative solutions to help improve service - for policyholders, for brokers and, last but not least, for the insurance company itself.

  • Consideration of the overall process

  • Expertise from over 8 years of market knowledge

  • Understanding the complexity of commercial insurance

How does it work?

Check profitability

Factors Cost & Time

Proposed solutions are discussed together with the customer and evaluated for sustainability, cost savings and usefulness.


Define schedule & milestones


According to a fixed schedule, the individual project phases (sprints) are defined and implemented within the framework of an agile working method and in constant exchange with the customer.


Determine current status


We look at the processes currently installed and create a process analysis.


Develop solutions


Based on the analysis, the potential for improvements or possibilities for digitalization and technical assistance are shown.



We think beyond boundaries and established practices to test new processes end-to-end.


Keeping entry barriers low, saving time and therefore costs - we offer digital solutions that are both hip and practical.


We look for sensible solutions for your individual needs that are fit for the future.

The view from the outside opens up horizons: rethinking traditional things and transferring them meaningfully into the digital world.


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