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Smart computing core

The premium computing core, based on the open standard DMN (Decision Model Notation), offers many advantages compared to existing products on the market. The graphically displayed model is both documentation and executable software code. Transform abstract formulas into a clear knowledge base that forms an understandable basis for communication between specialist and IT departments.

  • Open standard and manufacturer independent

  • Model, documentation and software in one

  • Standard interfaces and automated testing



In a requirements analysis, the objectives, organizational processes and the actual calculations are identified.


Work packages

Implementation roadmap

Tasks are distributed between the specialist- and IT departments and a joint schedule is agreed upon.


How does it work?

The advantages of DMN enable constructive and efficient collaboration between departments using familiar technical tools such as Excel.

The finale


After automated tests, the system goes live. The simple handling enables further versions to be rolled out quickly.




Implementation begins with professional support. The specialist department creates, tests and hands over finished models to IT.


Open standard

An open, manufacturer-independent standard enables the use of the smart premium computing core without paying license fees.

Model, documentation and premium computing core

The calculation core is a graphical model, documentation and executable calculation core in one.

Open interfaces

Integrate the smart premium computing core into existing and well-known software using state-of-the-art interfaces and open standards.

Choose from a range of independent specialists or develop in-house. In either case, you benefit from the advantages of DMN.

The advantages

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